There's a Pennywise Solution to Ad Campaigns

But all we hear is "high ticket this, high ticket that" or "10k months here, 6-figure year there".

Everyone is so focused on quick ROIs that we've become, dare I say, like crabs in an advertising bucket 😬. 

Instead of overpricing, we created more efficient processes and use tools to make our offers more accessible to the average entrepreneurs who can't afford:

  • high agency prices (high ticket offers)
  • the risk of hiring a freelancer (low budget, low quality)
  • DIY-ing all the ad things (who's got time to be the Jane/Jack-of-all-trades exactly?)

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." - Arthur Ashe

My mission is to provide pennywise ad campaign solutions for the everyday entrepreneur who gets lost in the gap in the middle of the market. 

We offer mid-level access for those who need it, but if you have the investment capital for a full budget campaign, by all means, you should do it!

But for the rest, I bet you're wondering... how does this work?


The Green Elephant in the Room

Why Charge Less?

Nadia here, Lead Creative Copywriter, and Ad Strategist.

As I made sales calls, I noticed something... there's a gap (more like a CRATER) in the market, isn't there?

Coaches, consultants, and course creators like you have superb services and offers, but... you don’t have the high-ticket budget for an agency even though you want to work with one.

The problem is that agency rates are too high for the average entrepreneur with an everyday budget. I decided to reconfigure my entire business structure to be more budget-friendly without losing out on value.

So, no more:

  • how-to dud lead magnets that give you half the information
  • basic, uninspiring plug and plays swipe files that don't suit your needs
  • crash mini-courses to learn ads when there's plenty more to it

Making a difference is just as important as making a buck.

That's why I decided to fill this crater by streamlining most of my processes to get you started on bringing your product to market.

You DON'T need a lucrative budget to get started (or to get results), but you will need lots of time and patience!

How Do We Do It?

One of the reasons ads management costs so much is because an ads manager's time is quite valuable aka expensive!

I saw an opportunity to tap into the tools we all use in our businesses (such as worksheets, questionnaires, and videos). I also created and molded tools to make the startup process easier for anyone on a mid-level budget as well.

Using these methods cuts back on high ticket pricing and makes our 1:1s more efficient.

This doesn't mean throwing together a low-quality campaign. Our methodologies are the same as any high ticket agency - they're just now more accessible.

Because of the nature of our processes, we, unfortunately, do not work with e-commerce businesses.

Will I Automatically Qualify?

Unfortunately, no. That's why we have an initial call to see if we're suitable work partners. I don't invest where we don't see potential, and my agency only accepts only 3-5 clients at a time. Use this to determine your pre-qualifications:

Best For...

  • Business owners who are willing to work with a new paradigm of mid-level ads management access.
  • Clients who know what their offers are (even if they don't have it all created yet).
  • Those who are able to invest in their own ad spend.
  • Clients willing to complete all prerequisites (worksheets, videos, questionnaires).
  • Those who don't have high ticket agency dollars but want to be met where they financially are.

Not Suitable For...

  • Those who don't know their offers or have an idea of their ideal audience.
  • Clients who are just starting up their business.
  • Those looking to take advantage of our accessibility even though they have a full budget.
  • Anyone looking to make money quickly.
  • Business owners who don't want to take initiative or direction.

If you fit perfectly into the "best for" category, you're almost ready to work with me!


Ad Campaign Builder

Does copy, integrations, and metrics sound like something you have ZERO interest and time to do yourself? Do you need someone to do all things ads management? New to digital marketing OR fatiguing at the organic traffic market?

My team creates and assembles all the pieces for a thorough ads campaign with done-for-you services to get you from beginner to sales. We do onboarding, your copy, and ads management for mid-level budgets.

Providing partial and full ad services is our expertise. I don’t believe the person running the face of the business should have to be concerned about all the behind-the-scenes pieces if they aren't interested in it. During our one-on-one Zoom appointment to see if we can work together, we’ll go over your assets to put together a quote based on your needs (partial or full campaign built).

We highly recommend a 90 day (3 months) minimum to see results.


Month one only

There are a lot of moving parts in digital marketing.

We’ll optimize your ad campaign with all the necessary components before we launch.

We do this with 2-3 one-on-one meetings (needs dependent) once weekly.


  • Meeting 1 - Assess: we'll review your assets and create an action plan
  • Meeting 2 - Build: we'll create a blueprint, campaign messaging strategy, and provide a content planner bonus
  • Meeting 3 - Guide: general ads campaign overview to finalize launch
  • Offers/Services Consultation (lead magnet, webinar, emails, etc)
  • Ongoing/Additional Campaign Support
  • Note: you must be willing to complete our detailed worksheets and video trainings prior to every meeting



Marketing is primarily about telling stories that build relationships.

You need a natural-born writer as your partner to capture your voice and brand thoroughly.

We sculpt personalized copy for your entire campaign.


  • All Ads Creative (copy, headlines, subheadlines, CTA, pictures, setup)
  • A Landing/Sales Page & Thank You Page (copy, design, integration)
  • 5 Email Nurture Sequences
  • Lack of and additional landing pages as well as email sequences require a nominal fee.

Ads Management

Second month and beyond

Whether you’re a novice or somewhat experienced, we’ll optimize your Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads from copy to publish.

We manage your campaign monthly to get your business continually in front of the right people so you can focus on changing lives.


  • Audience Research and Testing
  • Recommend Ad Spend
  • All Tech Integration & Setup
  • Pixel Placement
  • Done-For-You Ads Creative
  • Multi-Level Targeting and Retargeting
  • Promotion
  • Biweekly Metrics Reporting
  • Biweekly or Monthly Zoom if desired
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance.
  • Excludes ad spend ($500 minimum, $1000-$1500 is best/recommended for faster results)

So What's the Cost?

I did say this was a pennywise solution, didn't I? You deserve to know how much what you need will cost. I don't believe in hiding my prices.

The typical agency doesn't use efficient processes and tools to make their offers more accessible, but I sure as heck do! That's why Adin Strategies is pennywise.

Compare our price to what a typical agency would charge - without skimping on quality!

Partial Builder



To qualify, most assets should already be in place (ie: lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences, etc) for our review. A setup fee will be quoted for every piece not written or in place.

  • Excludes ad spend (minimum $500/month, $1000-1500/month recommended average)

Full Builder



To qualify, little to no assets are in place (ie: copy, integrations, etc). This is completely done-for-you.

  • Excludes ad spend (minimum $500/month, $1000-1500/month recommended average)

All of our above services feature our Pennywise Guarantee.

The way we work means we build an open communication relationship with our clients. We want you to succeed in making the world an easier and better place.

We don't take on clients we don't resonate with AND we do our best to ensure our quality is industry standard or above.

Schedule a FREE, nonobligatory strategy call to see if we fit!

A Few Testimonials

Nadia is a very talented writer who is fast in communication and gets the job on time as well. Thank you & all the best!

— BJ

"Nadia is a true pleasure to work with! She always delivers and always has a smile on her face. I came to her for a website and funnel review, and her recommendations helped me to implement some very pertinent changes. The expertise she provided was immensely valuable, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Austin M.

"I am thrilled with the results from working with Nadia! I knew from the very first time I spoke with her that I needed to work with her. She really inspired me to channel my creative side within my own business. She is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and she is so flexible to work with. She really helped me improve my business and I can confidently say anyone that works with her won’t regret it. Thank you, Nadia!"

- Christina R.

“One of the most cooperative clients I've ever worked with. Would definitely love to work with her again in the future."

- Mohammad S.

About Nadia

picture of Nadia smiling

Creative Copywriter & Ad Strategist

I'm a mom, partner, homesteader, and plant-based chef living on Big Island, Hawai'i. Before this life, I was a Copywriter, Creative Writer, and Blog Content Writer, so ads copy was the next upgrade for my writing career. 

When you're both a creative and logical person like I am, it's easy to see where both sides fall short in the marketing world. I'm proud to offer the luxury and quality of an agency as well as the flexibility and budget-conscious approach of freelancing by streamlining most of our processes - where the world of the logical and creative meet IRL. 

I can confidently say we offer a balanced approach for running Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns!