Copy for you.
Copy for all.

Stories are the foundation of copy, isn't it?

We combine creative writing & storytelling, psychology, the principles of ad copy, and desire-based verbiage to capture your audience through ads, landing pages, and the email sequences that follow.

On top of that, we make it affordable - pennywise - to the everyday entrepreneur.


A La Carte Copy

When it comes to ALL of our copy, we don't use tactics that induce fear or false urgency. We use a desire-based model to get you results. We believe in showing your customer how good you can make them feel rather than scare them into buying. Our aim is to nurture so you have a repeat customer.

All our options feature a 2-weeks turnaround time and up to two rounds of edits/revisions at no additional charge (with a 48-hour weekday turnaround).

  • Before writing begins, we will need all assets (i.e. questionnaire, blueprints, and any relevant links)

Ad Copy

$200 (3) & $300 (5)

We offer ad copy in bundles of 3 and 5.


  • A 30 Minutes Zoom call (action plan)
  • Two (2) headlines per ad
  • One (1) sub-headline per ad
  • One (1) CTA (call-to-action) per ad
  • Excludes images and ad set up

Landing Page


We write copy that focuses on the client's journey from unmet desire to why you're the best to solve their problem(s).


  • A 30 Minutes Zoom call (action plan)
  • Maximum of 800-word copy (one product/service offer page)
  • Relevant CTAs (call-to-action)
  • Excludes landing page design and set up, but this can be included for an additional nominal fee

Email Copy

$250 (5) & $450 (10)

We offer email sequences in bundles of 5 (standard) and 10. These can be used for lead magnet opt-ins, webinars, or general email nurturing.


  • A 30 Minutes Zoom call (action plan)
  • One (1) email headline per email
  • Relevant CTAs (call-to-action)
  • Excludes email design, layout, and integration

Campaign Copy Starter


Need a little bit of everything above to get started? We understand your eagerness and urgency! Here’s the momentum this package provides for those who want to run their own ads but need all the copy.


  • A 30 Minutes Zoom call (action plan, finalize price)
  • 3 Ads Copy (each with 2 headlines, 1 sub-headline, 1 CTA)
  • 5 email nurture sequences
  • 1 landing page copy
  • Discounts per copy add on
  • Excludes ad images and ad setup, landing page and email design, layout, and integration

Aloha, I'm Nadia!


I'm a mom, partner, homesteader, and plant-based chef living on Big Island, Hawai'i.

Before this life, I was a Copywriter, Creative Writer, and Blog Content Writer, so ads copy was the next upgrade for my writing career.

When you're both a creative and logical person like I am, it's easy to see where both sides fall short in the marketing world.

I'm proud to offer the luxury and quality of an agency as well as the flexibility and budget-conscious approach of freelancing by streamlining most of our processes - where the world of the logical and creative meet IRL.

I can confidently say we offer a balanced approach for running Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising campaigns!