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Pennywise solutions for your advertising are a must! Because I understand, I created FREE resources for you to get on your merry ROI way.

I've also curated some great blog content to up your social media advertising game.

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Pennywise Resource List

Get budget-conscious options for websites, landing pages, email providers, course hosting, and more! 


30 Live Video Topics

Video is VERY important, but it's a challenge knowing what to make a video about. I got you covered with 30 ideas you can replicate!

CPR For Dying Marketing Strategies

Is your campaign dying? Here's some necessary CPR to bring your advertising back to life! You'll find a lot of behind-the-scenes info to recharge your campaign.


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About Nadia

Nadia Rumbolt is the Creative Copywriter and Lead Strategist of Adin Strategies. When she’s not working her pennywise magic with ad campaigns, she moms, wifes, homesteads, and plant-based chefs on Big Island, Hawai'i.