About Adin Strategies

If you're reading this, you're probably trying to get to know us better. Is this a company I want to go into business with?

We don't blame you! We research new clients and businesses before investing, too, with our free discovery call. You're doing the right thing being on this page! So here we are, live in metaphorical, virtual print.

Meet Nadia

I'm a mom, partner, homesteader, and plant-based chef living on Big Island, Hawai'i. Before this life, I was a Copywriter, Creative Writer, and Blog Content Writer, so ads copy was the next upgrade for my writing career.

I've had interesting jobs since graduating college with a degree in Psychology and Creative Writing many years ago. My honorable mentions include working in a mental health prison, social justice advocacy, substitute teacher, and big rig cross country trucking!

What's An Adin?

Adin Family picture

When we started this business, our kiddo's favorite word? Adin.

  • It's not just the letters of my first name - in case you forgot, it's Nadia.
  • It's not just what the internet says - it means handsome, according to Google
  • It isn't even because it contains the word "ad" - I accept the happy coincidence.

Adin is the word he uses for food and everything he doesn't know the word for... and also what he knows, but he prefers to use his word!

Adin means everything.

We choose to name our small but beautiful family company Adin Strategies because adin means every Facebook marketing strategy we can use will be tested with your offer(s) to get you the results you need!

Let's Get Candid

I noticed budget is the biggest objection out there for business owners.

If you have the investment dollars, you'll most likely hire an agency because of the assumption that they'll provide higher quality because you're paying more.

If you don't have the higher capital, you'll most likely DIY or hire various freelancers to do it for you, but many business owners expect high quality with a low budget.

And worst? Many have been misled by agencies and freelancers who made more promises than their abilities could measure up to.

On the other side, agencies and freelancers are offset by clients with unrealistic expectations. 

So, I created a way for both worlds to yin-and-yang each other out. 

I give you the luxury and expertise that comes with an agency AND the flexibility and budget-conscious approach of freelancing through the streamlining of most of our processes.

It's where the world of the logical and creative meet IRL. 

I pair all of this with our core values:

  • Honesty
  • Building Relationships
  • Results

Without honesty, you can't build long-lasting relationships. The results from this halfway approach will become numbers that eventually plateau. I only want to work with businesses that want to make lives easier and better. A model of this caliber is the foundation of evergreen growth!

I can confidently say we offer a balanced approach to digital ad campaigns!

We only work with 3 to 5 coaches, course creators, and consultant-based businesses at a time. All clients are intentionally chosen through a 30-45 minutes discovery call.

If you've come this far, you're definitely ready to work with us!