3 Things To Do When Email List Building

Nadia Rumbolt

Written 5/30/2021

People either love emails, or they don't.

I love getting emails. I don't know why. Is it a sense of importance that someone wants to contact me with thoughtful verbiage? Perhaps.

Or maybe it's some kind of deep psychological feel-good effect of getting notifications about a thing...

Well, let's not try to solve the mystery in this article.

No matter if someone loves or dislikes emails, there are at least 3 things you can do to make sending (and receiving) them worthwhile.

Before I get to the 3 things, let me lay out the 5 part email sequence. It's no secret and by now, a lot of people have registered the pattern of emails.

  • Email 1, the freebie.
  • Email 2, the follow-up.
  • Email 3, part one of two of a personal story that ends in a cliffhanger.
  • Email 4, the ending to the cliffhanger that segues into how the Emailer got into the business they're in and is thus the authority you should buy from.
  • Email 5, some kind of urgency (or scarcity-related angle) to get the recipient to make a purchase.

1. Email 1 - consider a double opt in

You can build your list quickly full of people who don't want your thing (but they are now on your list because you took their email in exchange for the freebie), OR you can build a smaller list that actually reflects the number of people who could be interested in more than just getting a freebie from you.

It's harsh, but it's true.

People brag about having a large email list, but they don't tell you about the open and sales rates for a reason - it's probably very low because their list is full of duds!

Give your freebie like you mean it, like you mean to give away value for all the frees without holding someone's email in your automation queue hostage.

The info on your social media and blog isn't much different - it's all free value. Just because you made it into a readable pdf, cheat sheet, or quiz doesn't give you extra rights de facto - sorry.

A double opt-in will mean fewer emails on your list. However, at least you won't end up with tons of unsubscribes or people who don't even open your emails anyway. You'll definitely get higher open, read, and purchase rates because of that intentional step.

You can offer double opt-in right after the offer, or in your email sequence.

And make sure to practice regular email hygiene, that is, cleaning up your list every 4 to 6 months.

P.S. if you want to join my free mailing list, do so here. It's just more free value like these blogs, and yes, I do pitch my ads management services occasionally.

2. Email 2 - the follow up

The typical email here tells you to reply back with questions or feedback as a follow-up to the freebie. However, I've yet to receive a reply from sending one of these emails.

I understand you may be busy, but don't be too busy to make a promise you can't deliver on. Even a quick "thanks for replying!" sends a great message that you can be trusted to keep your word. Why would someone buy anything in your emails 4 and/or 5 if you can't send a quick email reply?

Don't make the promise if you can't keep it!

If you do want to get the feedback without feeling the pressure of replying back because you're busy, try creating a quick survey to collect responses. This at least says you care about the feedback enough to make a survey.

3. Emails 3, 4, 5 - the pitch

Another reason I love opting into freebies is I'm curious about how people go to bat with pitching. It's research... and I'm a little nosey about why people go into the business they get into.

(I don't opt into things I'm not interested in though because I'm not trying to purposefully upset the balance of people's email metrics.)

With these subsequent emails, don't be scared to mix things up! Again, a lot of people already know the email sequences gist, so give them something unexpected.

Personally, because I'm not a coach, course creator, or a consultant exactly, I can get away with not following the email script - and I don't.

I do offer email sequences in bundles of 5 or 10. Sign up here if you're interested.

During our free chat, I explore what's unique about you and how I can use that to add more than just salt and black pepper to your emails. (I'm all about adding turmeric, curry, chili pepper flakes, and fresh from my homestead garden herbs if I can!)


To recap what to do when email list building:

  • Consider a double opt-in to create a more accurate email list
  • Don't make promises you can't keep (ie, "hit reply and I'll blah blah blah ")
  • Infuse your uniqueness in your sequences

Again, if you are NOT interested in writing your emails (or any of your copy for that matter), check out my a la carte copywriting bundles.

If you're interested in working with me on your ad campaign, learn more here.

Sending you warm island regards,

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