3 Things To Do Before Hiring A Facebook™ Ads Manager

Nadia Rumbolt

Written 5/29/2021

If you're thinking about running Facebook™ ads, first of all, congrats! Social media advertising is an investment, and investing in your business is a necessity to keep the heart of it pumping.

I respect your decision so much that I made a career as a Facebook ads manager so I can help you reach more people!

You've probably seen umpteenth entrepreneurs in your niche running ads by now, so it's easy to visualize yourself in their shoes infamously "scaling" your business.
You may feel like it's your time and you're probably correct!

You do know your business best, but before you hire someone like me, here's a list of 3 things you should do before outsourcing an ads manager.

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1. Have your offer ready

Don't just know your offer, but you should ideally have a minimum of half or more of it completed (with a deadline and plan of when you'll be finished)!

Unfortunately, it's not our job to create an outline or script of how to put together your service. We take what you have, make some suggestions based on our expertise (such as pricing), and market it as best as possible.

Most agencies charge you for their service at a certain time of the month. If your ads manager finishes their part but your course isn't ready, you'll end up paying them to wait for you to finish! (I don't personally subscribe to this model.)

So write that script. Record those videos. Polish that ebook. Lay out those offers. Do as much of it as possible so you're ready to launch well before your ads manager.

2. Create your lead magnet

A lead magnet needs to be based on your offer. Don't put together a freebie about relationships if you coach about money, for example. You'll definitely confuse your audience when it's time to pitch.

While most lead magnets can often be created quickly, not having it on your to-do list is a power move.

Remember, this is how you'll attract potential customers to you. This is your honey. You want people to opt-in and want to work with you in a monetary exchange capacity.

Quick story: I recently opted into a lead magnet and was sourly disappointed that it was poorly put together. It offered absolutely no value. The 5 minutes it took for me to opt-in, open my email, and download it, could have been used to make the failed cheatsheet I was offered.

Don't let this be you! I didn't want to read or see anything else from this person because I felt duped. The trust was lost. So make your honey unique and valuable.

If you want to take this to the next level, have two to three lead magnets available. Having multiple means your ads manager will have more options to test. The more we have to test, the better!

3. Have a budget

You don't need thousands to run ads. It always comes down to time, money, and your offer. If you have a big budget, you'll be ahead of the market. If you have a small budget, it'll take time to see results, but it's not impossible to grow.

Let's break your budget into 3 investment piles:

ONE - money for your hosting platforms.

  • It's easy to forget to budget for this. Every month, you'll need to pay for things like a website, landing pages, an emailing system, hosting for your offer, etc.
  • This doesn't need to cost hundreds either. I made you a list of budget-friendly platforms that are free or low-cost. Get it here.

TWO ‐ money for ad spend.

  • I recommend a minimum of $500/month (and unfortunately most ad managers won't work with such a small budget), but honestly, the sweet spot is typically $1-1.5k.
  • Remember, it'll take a minimum of 90 days to really season your new offer with testing your audience, lead magnet, copy, offer, etc. If you have a lower ad spend, it may take longer.

THREE - ads manager fees.

  • You're paying an ads manager for their expertise to get ahead of certain learning curves. Plus, if tech, integrations, and copy isn't the peanut butter to your jelly, you should definitely outsource it.
  • Mini-courses are great, but to be honest, they only solve a slice of the pie while an ads manager will get the ingredients, prep, bake, and even taste test all the recipes.

Mhm, this analogy makes me really want some vegan apple pie right now so I'm wrapping this up to go find some dessert... 


To recap what to do before hiring an FB ads manager:

  • Get your offer(s) ready
  • Have one (or more) lead magnets complete
  • Have a 3 layered budget to cover your platforms, ad spend, and ads manager fees

If you're interested in working with me, check out my services here to see if I can meet you where your budget is.

And don't forget to get that free budget-conscious list of resources here.

Sending you warm island regards,

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